How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

Facebook is arguably the most used social media platform on the planet. Despite the appearance of newer and more fashionable social media platforms, the relevance of Facebook has never been affected. Amidst the 2.5 billion users on the platform, finding a specific page or a profile is nothing short of finding a needle in the haystack. Users spend countless hours rummaging through countless search results pages in the hopes that they will accidentally stumble upon their desired account. If this sounds like your issue, here’s how to do an advanced search on Facebook and find your desired page with ease.

How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

What is an Advanced Search on Facebook?

An advanced search on Facebook can be done by adjusting specific parameters to get the result you are looking for. This can be done by tuning search criteria like location, occupation, industry, and the services provided. Unlike a normal search on Facebook, an advanced search provides filtered results and narrows down the options available to the page you are looking for. If you want to brush up your Facebook search skills and save plenty of time, read ahead.

Method 1: Use the Filters Provided by Facebook to Get Better Results

With billions of posts and millions of active users, finding something specific on Facebook is a herculean task. Facebook recognized this issue and developed filters, allowing users to narrow down the search results on the platform. Here’s how you can improve search results by using filters on Facebook:

1. On your PC, head to the Facebook sign-up page and log in with your Facebook account.

2. On the top left corner of the page, type for the page you are looking for. If you remember nothing, search for the account that uploaded the post or any hashtags that were associated with it.

3. After typing, press Enter.

4. You will be redirected to the search menu. On the left side of the screen, a panel titled ‘Filters’ will be visible. On this panel, find the category of the page you are looking for.

5. Based on your preference, you can select any category and the search results will be adjusted automatically.

Method 2: Use Facebook Filters on the Mobile Application

The popularity of Facebook has increased substantially on the mobile application with most people using only their smartphone to access the platform. Here’s how you can use search filters on the Facebook mobile application.

1. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and tap on the magnifying glass on the top right corner.

2. On the search bar, type the name of the page you want to find.

3. The panel just below the search bar contains the filters aimed at improving your search. Choose the category that best explains the type of Facebook page you are looking for.

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Method 3: Search for Specific Posts on Facebook

Posts are the fundamental unit of Facebook containing all the content the platform has to offer. The overwhelming number of posts makes it difficult for users to narrow it down. Thankfully, Facebook’s filters make it easy to search for specific posts on Facebook. Here’s how you can use Facebook filters to look for specific Facebook posts:

1. Following the steps mentioned above access the filters that improve a search result on Facebook.

2. From the panel of various categories, tap on ‘Posts.’

3. Under the ‘Posts’ menu, there will be various filtering options. Based on your preference you can select and manipulate the filters.

4. If the post was something you had seen before, then turning on the toggle switch titled ‘Posts you have seen’ will help you get better results.

5. You can select the year in which the post was uploaded, the forum where it was uploaded, and even the location of the post.

6. Once all the settings have been adjusted, the results will appear on the right side of the filters panel.

Method 4: Do an Advanced Search for Specific Posts on the Facebook Mobile App

1. On the Facebook mobile app, search for the post you are looking for using any keyword.

2. Once the results are displayed, tap on ‘Posts’ on the panel below the search bar.

3. Tap on the filter icon in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Adjust the filters based on your preferences and tap on ‘SHOW RESULTS.’

5. Your results should be displayed.

Method 5: Find Certain People on Facebook

The most common purpose of the search menu on Facebook is to look for other people on Facebook. Unfortunately, thousands of people on Facebook have the same name. Nevertheless, by doing an advanced search on Facebook, you can narrow down the search results to the person you are looking for.

1. Log in to your Facebook and type the name of the person on the FB search menu.

2. From the panels depicting various categories of searches, tap on People.

3. If you remember any specific information about the person, finding them becomes much easier. You can adjust the filters to enter their profession, their city, their education, and search only for people who are your mutual friends.

4. You can tinker with the filters until the desired result appears on the right side of your screen.

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Method 6: Search for Particular Locations on Facebook

Apart from posts and people, the Facebook search bar can also be used to find certain locations. This feature is especially useful as it provides a wide range of filters to select from and helps you find the exact location you are looking for. It is also extremely handy while searching for restaurants around your location.

1. On the Facebook search bar, type the name of the place you are looking for.

2. Form the list of categories on the side, tap on ‘Places.’

3. There will be a list of customizable filters that will help you narrow down your search.

4. If it is late and you want food delivered, you can look for places that are open and offer delivery. Additionally, if you saw your friends visit a particular restaurant, you can turn on the toggle switch that reads ‘Visited by friends.’

5. You can also adjust the price range based on your budget.

6. After the adjustments have been made, the results will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Method 7: Use the Facebook Marketplace to Buy Objects

The Facebook Marketplace is a great place for Facebook users to buy and sell old objects. By adding filters and using the Facebook advanced search feature, you can find the exact product you were looking for.

1. Head onto the Facebook website , and on the search bar, enter the name of the object you want to buy.

2. From the filters panel, tap on ‘Marketplace’ to open the range of products available for sale.

3. From the category section, you can select the class of the object you are looking for.

4. You can then adjust the various filter available. You can change the location of the buy, select the condition of the item and create a price range based on your budget.

5. Once all the filters have been applied, the optimal search results will be displayed on the screen.

Method 8: Discover Exciting Events using Facebook Advanced Search

Facebook as a platform, has evolved from just sending each other friend requests to a forum for people to discover new and exciting events happening around them. Here’s how to do an advanced search on Facebook and find events happening around you.

1. On the Facebook search bar, use any keyword that describes the event you are looking for. This could include- standup, music, DJ, quiz, etc.

2. After you arrive at the search menu, tap on ‘Events’ from the list of available filters.

3. The screen will display a list of events that are happening in the category you searched for.

4. You can then proceed to adjust the filters and improve your search results. You can select the location of the event, the date, and the duration, and even see events that are catered for families.

5. You can also find online happenings and discover events that your friends have been to.

6. The top results will be reflected on the screen once you have modified all the filters.

With that, you have mastered the advanced search feature on Facebook. You do not need to limit yourself to the filters mentioned above and can search for videos, jobs, groups, and more.


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We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to use the Facebook Advanced Search feature. If you still have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.